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Summertime BBQ’s and utensils

November 10, 2016 / no comments, on Product Reviews

With the summer looking like it has finally arrived in the UK (no doubt it we will be back to flash floods and temperatures in single figures within a week), we take a look at some of the best BBQ’s and utensils on the market.

broil-master Charcoal BBQ Grill Wagon Cart with Firebox Terrace Garden Camping Barbecue

Broil-Master Charcoal bbq

Fancy bringing out the ‘scout’ in you, then  look no further than purchasing a good old traditional charcoal BBQ. This broil-master BBQ comes at a very reasonable price (£60 at the time of writing), and feature a handy shelf for holding meets to be chucked on the barbie. The bbq also conveniently sits on four coaster wheels, making re-siting in the garden a simple task!

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Landmann Gas BBQ

The Landmann Grill Chef is really the entry point when it comes to gas bbq but can still grill a great burger and has plenty of room on the grill to cater for a good party.

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Outback Meteor Hooded Stainless Steel 6 Burner Gas BBQ

Outback Meteor Gas BBQ

For the ultimate bbq experience look no further than the Outback Stainless Steel BBQ. Featuring six burners enabling you to control the temperate and heat around the bbq ensuring that your sausages do not end up burnt to the ashes! With a handy side burner for cooking onions, beans etc this really is the ultimate ‘lads’ bbq. In fact you may just move your whole kitchen outside in order to use this bbq as part of your every day culinary experience.

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Feniks Firelighters 500pcs. in the box, For Fireplace, Stoves, Barbecues and Campfires

Feniks BBQ Firelighters

Gone for the good old traditional Charcoal BBQ option? Left red-faced as you can’t get it going? These Fenicks Firelighters are sure to ensure lighting the bbq is smooth and stress free and leave you looking as professional as Bear Grylls.

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Landmann 0204 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set

Landmann Stainless Steel BBQ Utensils

The perfect utensils to go with your Landmann gas barbecue (or any barbecue for that matter)! Stylish and more importantly very practicle and light weight, this 3-piece utensil set are sure to make flipping your burgers that much easier.

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